Amazing Amy' is helping kids with speech impediments through cooking show


A sassy 6-year-old from Springdale is taking the internet by storm with her creative food segments.

Leiana Amy-Amor is helping kids around the world with her cooking show called "Amazing Amy."


Leiana's mother Leah Jones Finklea said the cooking segment became an important tool in Leiana'a journey to eliminate her speech impediment and she wants to help other kids as well.

"Me and my mother; I grew up in the kitchen with me and her cooking. After I had my daughter she kind of followed suit. It is something we all love to do. We love to cook," Jones Finklea said.

"If someone says a word, I have to say it back," Leiana said.

Finklea said the speech impediment was beginning to take a toll on Leiana, which is why she felt a fun spin on lessons was necessary.

"She talked about how some of the kids on the playground would shy away from her because they didn't understand what she was saying. So they didn't want to play with her. As a mother, it was heart-wrenching to hear something like that about your child," Jones Finklea said.

Leiana's "Amazing Amy" segments have picked up so much steam online, Jones Finklea said Leiana has even received messages from kids and parents in the United Kingdom.

"When I hear the feedback of how she is touching people and how she is encouraging children her own age, I think that is the greatest reward," Jones Finklea said.

As she continues to work on her speech, Leiana is excited to help other kids with their speech one recipe at a time.

Leah Jones-Finklea