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Meet Amy

This 6-year-old is likely to steal your heart! She’s sweet, spunky and silly.
— Paola Suro, WCPO

Amy (Leiana) is a beautiful, captivating, smart, and gifted child with a personality capable of brightening up any room. 

At the young age of 4, Amy was diagnosed with a rare phonological speech disorder that makes it difficult to pronounce certain words with unique sounds. Speech pathologists believe that when other children have a difficult time understanding what Amy is saying, they may be reluctant to play with her at school. As you can imagine, this can be a lonely feeling for Amy and other kids on the playground. 

After testing began, doctors confirmed Amy’s disability and she began her journey through speech therapy. Amy’s parents continued to seek new ways to help Amy with her speech, ultimately leading to Amy’s love for cooking. 

“God gave me the vision of using our mommy daughter time, baking cookies and cakes, to practice new words and sounds with Amy and it seemed to help,” says Amy’s mother, Leah Jones-Finklea, “after a few months, it became a regular activity for us.”

Amy has since been featured on multiple news programs and TV shows, and continues to make regular appearances on her Social Media outlets. She has also began selling her own line of Apple Pies called “Amy Baby Apple Pie” which are sold locally on the weekends. As well as t-shirts, which are available for purchase. Keep watching for more to come from Amazing Amy!

The pie was very, very good!
— Ohio State Head Coach, Urban Meyer
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